Living your best life

There is a good side in you always!

First of all I would like to tell you I am a kid (Melissa’s daughter). I love using elaboration and imagination.I know that inside everybody’s heart there is kindness and love, known as “the good side.” I can help you live a happy and wonderful life!

To begin with, you have to be kind and friendly to everyone. I think everyone knows that rule, but if not, I will teach it to you right now!

1.Speak out loud! (use your voice, you have one for a reason!) It is good to use your voice because in your head you could have very good ideas! You could make things go right, especially if you have a construction job. Work together! When you work as a team you will definitely go a lot quicker!

2. Know that God is with you at all times. (Everyone should know that by now!) I know for sure that God is with us at all times! He is the Messiah! He rose from the dead! If you are ever having a hard time, ask God for help.(He will always love you no matter what you do)

3. You’re never left out!!! (tons of people probably want to play with you!)Everyone fits in! If everyone in this world would be the same we would all be boring. If you ask people if you want to play with them they will either say yes or no. If they say “no” just go find another nicer friend.One person definitely wants to play with you! When you see another person lonely help them. Do the same thing you did except ask the other person if they want to play.They might be shy.You might even make a new friend!

4.Find your gift.(God gives you amazing/unique gifts use them!) You might have special gifts that God has given you and you might not even know it! Do not say “I don’t have any gifts!” You are unique! There are different types of gifts that go with your personality. They are never the same gifts! Do not BRAG!!!!!!!!

5.Respect for others/Care for others ( you need to care and respect others!) When you respect others they respect you! It is important to care for others because if it is an older person they need more help getting around and stuff.Don’t get offended!

6.Last but not least kindness. (kindness is a BIG one!) You have to be kind to others to get through life. If you’re a bully, not a good idea!!! There should never be bullying!!! Bullying is not nice!!! Bullies- if that ever happened to you, how would you like it! huh. BE KIND!

Thank you so much it was my first time ever writing a blog.I am so glad I am Catholic/Jewish.God is good.

Jesus Christ has risen! He has risen indeed!

-Meadow Presser

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