Being number #1

Hi I am Avery, Melissa’s other daughter. I would like to share with you about kindness and your part in the world.

I think everyone can show kindness. A lot of people find it hard to show it. For most people it is hard because they either have stress, anger or just are not in the right mood. Well just so you know, everyone feels the same way at times. We are all human beings with feelings. Just because you are in a bad mood does not mean you still can’t show kindness. Actually showing kindness puts you in a better mood. Let’s say you are mad at someone, after if you apologize and be kinder to that person it puts you and them in a better mood. It is a win-win! You don’t always have to be perfect though, everyone makes mistakes,. You just have to try your best, and be your best self! Try it, it might just change your perspective on things! Remember that the glass is always half full no matter what happens!!

You don’t have to just show kindness to other people you can also show it to the earth!. You can show kindness towards the earth in millions of ways. One thing you can do is be your best self. Don’t try to be someone else, be you! Follow your passion. Mine is dancing and musical theater, it makes me happy to just go on stage and perform. Once you find your passion it will make you feel like your best self. It will make you the happiest person you can be. You can also help the earth by starting out small and just helping your community. Just helping with something small, like a bake sale, can help your community and the earth. This will also make you happy, because knowing you did something for someone other than yourself can prove everyone can do their part and help out. Also you have to remember it is never to late to help out. There will always be someone who needs your help today, always. Make sure you do everything you can to enjoy our community and planet. They’re is always something you can you do.

I hope you like what I have written. I want to encourage you guys that you can do anything if you believe. Look at me I am just 10 years old in the fifth grade and writing this post!! That proves anyone who believes in themselves and shows kindness can do anything. I hope you follow what I am saying. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed!!

2 thoughts on “Being number #1”

  1. Hi Avery, I clicked “follow” because of your mum. She is a cool dude – which I guess you already know. But I am clicking “like” because of you and what/how you write. Thank you.


  2. Reblogged this on Church Set Free and commented:
    Jesus had a connection with children. We would be suspicious of that today I think.

    Avery is a growing child. The daughter of someone I love like a sister. Avery writes with clarity and simplicity. It reminds me of me before I made everything complicated. And then spent the following decades unpicking it all to reclaim clarity and simplicity. I think that’s what Jesus sees in children – clarity and simplicity. It makes “the greatest of these” days easy-peasy.

    So Avery, with Melissa’s permission and oversight, if you want to join the (mostly absent) Church Set Free list of authors – please let me know and I will make it happen.

    I think Jesus was on to something 🙂

    Thank you Avery.


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